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Product Name: FX Profitude

Product Creator: Russ Horn

Product Price: $499 – one-time payment

Official Website: fxprofitude.com


FX, also known as foreign exchange, is a digital exchange of currencies. Investors can make a lot of profit from the margin in the exchange rate between two currencies. However, the market is volatile because the volume of currencies converted each day can skyrocket the price of some currencies. 

Although the foreign exchange market is attractive, it is risky. There is no single strategy for winning trades, making it difficult for newcomers to break through. 

In the past, many experienced traders have offered training programs and trading systems. But people have been scammed, leaving them to deal with their losses as a reminder never to trust anyone on the internet. Are you wondering whether FX Profitude is a scam or a legit system? This comprehensive review exposes all you need to know about the system.

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What is FX Profitude and How Does It Work?

FX Profitude is a Forex trading system by Russ Horn, one of the most sought-after Forex traders and mentors in the world. After years of researching opportunities that will avail him the time and freedom he desired while making profits, Russ found a solution in Forex trading. He has been a full-time trader for the last 16 years and has helped more than 10,000 people trade successfully.  

Whether you are a rookie trader or afraid of losing your money, FX Profitude predicts the Forex market so that users can win more trades. The system provides video tutorials that are easy to follow. Even if you are an existing trader, you can customize the guide to boost your profits.

The brains behind this technology uploaded thousands of Russ Horn’s previous trades. They added several market behaviors and patterns. As a result, the system can analyze the best trade based on previous market trends. 

fxprofitude-Russ Horn

FX Profitude offers a win rate of 87.50% based on four indicators: array, arrows, validator, and trend. 

  • The array gives you an idea of the market direction so that you can know which way the prices will move. 
  • The arrows indicate the best entry point for a trade based on the other indicators. 
  • The validator vets the arrow.
  • The trend is the hallmark of the FX Profitude system. When it turns green, it is a bullish trend, which means you should buy trades, When it turns red, it is a bearish trend, which means you should sell.

What Are the Key Features of FX Profitude?

Below are the key features of FX Profitude.

  • Instant access to a trading system that makes profits with an accuracy of 87.50% and more.
  • Step-by-step report of how the system works to enable a small account to 10x within a few months.
  • Access to a private group with easy navigation for training.
  • Quick download and installation of the system so that users can trade on the go.
  • Access to live trades to learn from elite traders.
  • Access to news and events in the FX market.
  • Detailed Forex video lessons for a seamless trading journey.
  • An economic calendar.
  • A time-saving tool for checking price statuses.
  • Unlimited support from Russ Horn and other professional traders.

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How Much Does FX Profitude Cost?

The entire features of FX Profitude cost $7,797. But Russ Horn is offering them at a giveaway price of $499. While this looks like a steal, it is only available to the first 750 people. To get started, click here so you can get instant access to Russ Horn’s members-only group.

FX-Profitude_Russ Horn

Pros of FX Profitude

Here’s what we like about FX Profitude:

  1. The system is simple and easy to use; no special training is required to understand how it works.
  2. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must make your own trading decisions based on your understanding of the indicators.
  3. It automatically installs n your computer, and the videos can be accessed in less than one hour. This makes it a good option for people who have limited free time to study.
  4. There is a dedicated support team that you can contact via skype, email, or phone.
  5. People who sign up quickly will enjoy a massive discount.

Cons of FX Profitude

Here’s what we do not like about FX Profitude:

FX Profitude is not without risks. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will make profits or losses. 

Final Verdict

FX Profitude by Russ Horn offers different risk levels such that beginners can start from the lowest. It is advisable to start trading with money that you won’t regret losing. Overall, your trading success depends on your confidence and your ability to take risks.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, click this link to join Russ Horn’s private group.

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