An Honest Review of the Strategic Investment Conference 2022

Strategic Investment Conference 2022

Strategic Investment Conference 2022

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Since 1970, there has been a decline in inflation. But after half a decade, the global inflation rate is on the increase. The crisis between Russia and Ukraine has triggered an increase in commodity prices.

Do you think the economic situation will get better any time soon?

The red flags have been there for a while, and financial analysts have predicted times like this. The best you can do is to prepare for the months ahead.

What better place to learn from financial experts than at the Strategic Investment Conference 2022?

This honest review explains all you need to know before signing up for the conference.

What is the Strategic Investment Conference About?

The Strategic Investment Conference is one of the events that people expect yearly. It features the world’s best economists and analysts. They gather together to share their investment strategies with participants.

The 2022 edition of the program is an online event. The host, John Mauldin, has lined up 57 world-renowned expert speakers. They will open your eyes to deep financial insights.

The main speakers are:

  • Henry Kissinger
  • Joe Lonsdale
  • Howard Marks
  • Catherine D. Wood
  • Ron Baron
  • David M. Rubenstein
  • Morgan Housel
  • Frank Luntz
  • George Friedman

Here’s what you will learn:

  • What to expect in the markets going forward
  • Why you must prepare for what’s coming
  • How you can survive the financial crisis and grow your wealth in a sustainable fashion

This conference is not one of those recorded webinars that are packaged in the form of live sessions. Participants can ask the speakers questions in real-time. 

The program will hold for 5 days (May 2, 4, 6, 9, and 11). On May 13, there will be a half-day session. During this time, participants would be assisted in drawing up their action plans.

There will also be 42 live presentations, panels, and fireside chats. The featured panels include the following:

Real Money Managers – The Inside Scoop

This is an insight into the lives of 3 pros who manage billions of dollars for various investors. You will discover how they are helping clients and preparing for eventualities. 

China’s Long Path to World Domination

Are you wondering how China’s takeover of Taiwan will impact Western economies? Find out the full details of China’s latest actions in this discussion.

National Security and Natural Resources

The panelists will share their opinion on the future of oil, natural gas, and nuclear. If electric vehicles are something you’re interested in, then you don’t want to miss this session.

Goodbye, Normal

Here, John Mauldin wraps up the conference together with other members of the faculty. Lessons drawn from the conference are summarized for the participants.

Who is the Host of the Strategic Investment Conference 2022?

John Mauldin hosts the Strategic Investment Conference every year. He has spent over 30 years informing people about financial risks.

He is the publisher of Thoughts from the Frontline. It is a medium through which John shares information and guidance with investors. He warned about the recession in 2000 and the Obamacare issue in 2016.

John is also a co-founder of Mauldin Economics. It is an outfit that publishes both free and paid investment resources. 

John is a New York Times Best Seller and a contributor to various financial publications. He is also a regular guest on Radio and TV.

How Much Does the Strategic Investment Conference Cost?

To attend the online conference, you have to pay $495. But if you order a virtual pass today, you will get a 44% discount.

The virtual pass gives you access to the following:

  • Presentations and panels in video and audio format 
  • Full transcripts of each presentation, panel, and fireside chat
  • Presenter slides (as available)

The Pros of Strategic Investment Conference 

  • It features the best financial experts in the world
  • The topics center around current economic events and how to better position yourself for wealth creation amid a financial crisis.
  • The presenters are engaging; you can ask them questions
  • The conference resources are available for download so you can access them later

Cons of The Conference

  • There is no option to pay in installments

The Bottom Line

The Strategic Investment Conference 2022 is a much-anticipated event. The world is experiencing chaos and we need to find a way around our economic situation. Some people are cashing out of the crisis. That’s because they’ve positioned themselves for the season. 

John Mauldin, an experienced financial expert, together with other macroeconomic minds will help you figure out what to do to create sustainable wealth even if the markets are crashing.

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