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Product Name: The Plan ( Dan Hollings Crypto Training )

Product Creator: Dan Hollings

Product Price: $3,497 paid at once or 4 payments of $997

Free Training: Free Live Webinar By Dan Hollings

Official Website: Click Here

The Plan is an educational platform and investing system founded by Dan Hollins, who is a web entrepreneur and mobile marketing pioneer who has been engaged in cutting-edge technology for over a decade, that is before he became involved in the cryptocurrency revolution.

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Dan Hollings is the marketing strategist behind the book launch for “The Secret,” which was an absolute literary phenomenon a few years ago. Dan has also been involved in marketing for Amazon and has worked with sellers to reach over $300 million worth of products sold on Amazon. Dan has worked with over 20,000 sellers, either personally or through the marketing tools he has created.

The Plan is a training program that teaches a specific investment strategy that makes money (between 2x to 10x profits) in the cryptocurrency market, no matter which direction the market is heading in, either up or down.

The investing strategy works by buying and selling crypto minute-by-minute in an easy and automated way. The Plan members learn how to set up “bots” which is a pair of crypto coins that trade off each other.

Every time a coin is sold, they earn a trivial profit somewhere between 17-86 cents; this may not sound like much at first, except that it can happen several hundred times per day. The system is explained in the training, and it is simple enough for any newcomer to get started.

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The Plan crypto bots results
The Plan crypto bots results

Key Features of The Plan

  • Webinars and training videos to support any new learner
  • An investing system that makes money whether the market is up or down
  • A strategy that generates passive income
  • A compatible software, called Bitsgap, helps users get set up on exchanges

Pros of The Plan

  • The magic of The Plan is that it is set up to profit from the constant volatility in the cryptocurrency market. The investing system is a set-and-forget system that uses automation (called bots) to trade crypto coins and earn passive income.
  • The Plan is the lowest-risk way to invest in the cryptocurrency market today. Besides the daily gains that are made on each trade, there is also the possibility to make a capital gain as well if the underlying asset (the crypto coin) goes up in value while it is held.
  • The time required to do The Plan is quite low, approximately 12-15 hours to complete the course, and 1-2 hours to get set up with a personal exchange account. After that people need less than 1 hour per week to monitor or adjust their bots, making this a truly passive stream of income that is added instantly to the account balance and is available to withdraw or reinvest.
  • Students who have committed to The Plan are reportedly profiting upwards of 80% of the time. The Plan is not an investment pool or scheme, it’s a simple program that teaches people how to use predetermined settings to create automated bots that buy and sell multiple times (sometimes hundreds of times) in a day while the investor is out living life.

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Cons of The Plan

  • Students are required to open their own exchange accounts and maintain control of their investment capital at all times.
  • Students are required to have a minimum of $3,000 USD in start-up investment capital in order to realize the full benefits of this strategy.
  • You will need to set up your own account on an exchange in order to begin using the software recommended by Dan.
  • There are three initial Beta plans available to students. The more money that you plan on investing, the more likely you will want to choose the higher plans, which offer the ability to run up to 15 bots.

The Plan Bot Cost

The Plan currently sells for $3,497 paid at once or 4 payments of $997.

the plan crypto bot cost

Final Verdict

The Plan is a simple, fool-proof way to get started investing in the crypto space with little risk. There is a 12-15 hour startup cost in terms of learning, but once you get started with the strategy defined by The Plan, it will only require about an hour a week to adjust your bots in order to continue profiting from the strategy.

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Plan, click this link in order to join this elite new community.


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